Williamson Wednesday: CHARITABLE INTENT

8 Jul 2020

This Williamson Wednesday, the spotlight is on David Williamson’s CHARITABLE INTENT, the third and final play in the beloved community conferencing trilogy. Following FACE TO FACE and A CONVERSATION from the JACK MANNING TRILOGY, this punchy and sharp play directed by Sandra Bates in 2006 continued the story of professional mediator Jack Manning. Jack Manning […]

Williamson Wednesday: NOTHING PERSONAL

1 Jul 2020

This Williamson Wednesday, we’re talking generations and power struggles with David Williamson’s 2011 snappy satire NOTHING PERSONAL. Publishing bigwig Bea works for a large media company but as she gets older, resents the new incoming trends – from vampire novels to ‘chic lit’. To exacerbate things, the firm’s ambitious young marketing manager Naomi is making […]

Williamson Wednesday: A CONVERSATION

24 Jun 2020

They say communication is the key and in David Williamson’s A CONVERSATION, it’s the catalyst that takes us down the rabbit hole and into the depths of justice and community. Image of the 2001 production Directed by Sandra Bates in 2001 and re-staged in 2014 at the Chatswood Concourse, A CONVERSATION was the second installment […]

Williamson Wednesday: HAPPINESS

17 Jun 2020

We’re all searching for a bit of happiness in life, but do we know what happiness really means? That’s the burning questions in David Williamson’s 2013 play HAPPINESS. Roland thinks he knows the key to happiness. A psychologist specialising in the study of human wellbeing, he has no problem lecturing his students on the theories […]


10 Jun 2020

What do a classical violinist and country western lover have in common? That’s the million dollar question in David Williamson’s tender 2010 comedy RHINESTONE REX AND MISS MONICA. Monica, a highly strung member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, is forced to give up the violin because of her RSI. Left to mope around her Glebe […]

Williamson Wednesday: WHEN DAD MARRIED FURY

3 Jun 2020

What happens when you put a billionaire businessman father, his feuding kids and his beautiful new wife from the States, all together in a house for his 70th birthday party? You get David Williamson’s WHEN DAD MARRIED FURY. No-nonsense businessman Alan is filthy rich – and he’s made no apologies about stepping over the little […]

Williamson Wednesday: ODD MAN OUT

27 May 2020

Marking the “20th Williamson play staged by the Ensemble since 1998” (Daily Telegraph) there’s nothing odd about how much we loved the 2017 Williamson comedy ODD MAN OUT filled with humour and humanity. Directed by Mark Kilmurry in 2017, ODD MAN OUT was “a finely-nuanced realisation of what it means to be hyper-intelligent and emotionally stunted for […]

Williamson Wednesday: MANAGING CARMEN

20 May 2020

This Williamson Wednesday, it’s time to chuck on your sequins, some six inch heels and get ready to boogie because today we’re putting the spotlight on MANAGING CARMEN. Brent is an AFL superstar. He’s the captain of his team, already a dual Brownlow medalist and said to be the greatest player yet – and he’s […]

Williamson Wednesday: LOTTE’S GIFT

13 May 2020

In times of struggle, heartache or happiness, we often look to music as a unifying tool to connect us with others. With this idea resonating more than ever right now, we’re looking back at the powerful story of LOTTE’S GIFT. Written and directed by David Williamson, based on the memoirs by Lieselotte Reinke, this heartwarming […]

Williamson Wednesday: CRUISE CONTROL

6 May 2020

In 2012, David Williamson and his wife Kristin took off across the seas on a cruise unaware that their holiday experience may just inspire the next hit Williamson comedy… today we’re voyaging into the depths of CRUISE CONTROL. Directed and written by David, CRUISE CONTROL premiered in 2014 and featured an impeccable cast including Hellen […]

Williamson Wednesday: DREAM HOME

29 Apr 2020

Ever had neighbours who’ve turned your home sweet home into a sour experience? For the characters in David Williamson’s DREAM HOME, their nightmare becomes reality! After years of working towards their dream future, Dana and Paul finally have it all – fulfilling creative careers, a new addition to the family on the way and a […]

Williamson Wednesday: LET THE SUNSHINE

22 Apr 2020

With the sun shining down on this Autumn day, it seems only fitting that this Wednesday we take a look at the world premiere of Williamson’s biting social comedy LET THE SUNSHINE. Directed by Sandra Bates in 2009, this sharp play about clashing families was packed full of talent with a cast including Andrew McFarlane, […]

Williamson Wednesday: JACK OF HEARTS

15 Apr 2020

2016 was a cause for BIG celebration! Not only did we have another whip-smart David Williamson premiere, but this play marked the legendary playwright’s 50th play. Yes, you read correctly, 50th! So this Williamson Wednesday, we’re putting the hilarious JACK OF HEARTS in the spotlight. Directed and written by David Williamson, JACK OF HEARTS featured […]

Williamson Wednesday: FLATFOOT

8 Apr 2020

This Williamson Wednesday, we’re going old school, real old school… all the way to Ancient Rome! Directed by Jonathan Biggins in 2004, FLATFOOT featured the impeccable comedic talents of actor Drew Forsythe as Plautus, Tina Bursill and John Gregg. Famous Roman playwright Plautus is suffering writer’s block. To convince his hardball producer Crassus Dives that […]

Williamson Wednesday: BIRTHRIGHTS

1 Apr 2020

And we’re back again for another Williamson Wednesday! This week, we’re turning the clocks back to 2003 to take a look at the heartfelt and courageous BIRTHRIGHTS. Motherhood and family are brought to the fore in this heartfelt story about surrogacy, parents and identity. When Helen undergoes a vital operation that stops her and her […]

David Williamson

Williamson Wednesday: FACE TO FACE

25 Mar 2020

Missing your David Williamson fix? Don’t worry, because Williamson Wednesday is here and we’ve got you sorted! Each week, we’ll be dipping into the archives to bring you exciting insights into some of the plays of Australia’s legendary theatre playwright. To kick off our first Williamson Wednesday, we’re taking a dive into Ensemble Theatre’s first […]