17 Dec 2020

It’s two Artistic Directors for the price of one when State Theatre Company South Australia ‘s Mitchell Butel joined our Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry on Ensemble Conversations! Performer, director, writer and singer, you last saw Mitchell at Ensemble in 2018 where he directed the thought-provoking drama MARJORIE PRIME and performed a sizzling series of his […]


3 Dec 2020

Singer, song-writer, actor, playwright, story teller AND winner of the 2021 Sandra Bates Director’s Award Ursula Yovich jumps into the spotlight to join Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry on Ensemble Conversations! Ursula previously directed a reading of THE FEVER AND THE FRET at Ensemble and we’re delighted to have this multifaceted creative back on board.  […]

Video: ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS | Genevieve Hegney & Catherine Moore

19 Nov 2020

Prepare for laughs, giggles and everything in between because UNQUALIFIED’s sparkling double act is back! Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry is joined by comedy duo Genevieve Hegney and Catherine Moore. We first saw the pair come together as straight talking Joanne and perennially optimistic Felicity in 2018’s cracker of a comedy UNQUALIFIED. They were set to […]


5 Nov 2020

Thought the excitement of our 2021 Season launch was done and dusted? Think again! This week on Ensemble Conversations, Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry is joined by actors Jamie Oxenbould and Kate Raison to get stuck deep into next year’s unmissable season of stories. In 2021, you’ll see Jamie in THE WOMAN IN BLACK by Susan […]

Video: ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS | Rachel Gordon & Yalin Ozucelik

22 Oct 2020

If 2020 had gone to plan, OUTDATED would be opening on 30 Oct. So, on to plan B! This week on Ensemble Conversations, Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry is joined by the oh so hilarious Rachel Gordon and Yalin Ozucelik! We last saw Rachel and Yalin perform in Alan Ayckbourn’s incredible trilogy THE NORMAN CONQUESTS in […]

Video: ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS | Andrew Henry & Vanessa Wright

9 Oct 2020

We got a little independent this week on Ensemble Conversations when Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry was joined by producers Andrew Henry and Vanessa Wright from Sydney’s legendary independent Red Line Productions As Red Line Productions producers, and creative director and executive director respectively, Andrew and Vanessa were part of the team behind the gripping 2019 […]


24 Sep 2020

Damien Ryan Managing Artistic Director for Sport For Jove Theatre joined our Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry to dive deep on Ensemble Conversations. Damien has been at the forefront of directing Shakespeare in Australia with plenty of well-known works from ROMEO AND JULIET to TITUS ANDRONICUS under his belt. With time to write and develop new works, the […]


10 Sep 2020

Look out, it’s double trouble! Queensland Theatre Artistic Director Lee Lewis joined our Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry on Ensemble Conversations. Lee recently joined Queensland Theatre at the beginning of 2020 after more than six years at the helm of Griffin Theatre Company. She’s directed plays across many major theatre companies including Sydney Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare […]

Video: ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS | David Williamson

27 Aug 2020

Legendary Australian playwright David Williamson takes the Ensemble Conversation’s hot seat chatting to our Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry. Ensemble Theatre is synonymous with the iconic writer having staged 24 Williamson plays, including 19 world premieres, plus 3 national tours. Earlier this year CRUNCH TIME marked David’s final play before retirement… but he’s keeping busy!  […]


25 Aug 2020

We’re chatting KILLING KATIE: CONFESSIONS OF A BOOK CLUB this week on Ensemble Conversations. Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry is joined by play Director Francesca Savige and actor Chantelle Jamieson delving into this brutally honest and laugh-out-loud drama putting friendships to the test. We want to stay connected and hear what you love about Ensemble! Share […]

Video: ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS | Luke Carroll & Emma Palmer

13 Aug 2020

Do you know which window we’ll be looking through this week on Ensemble Conversations? BLACK COCKATOO and CRUNCH TIME actors (and ABC’s Play School presenters 🧸🧸) Luke Carroll and Emma Palmer joined Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry! Soon after they kicked off our 2020 season, restrictions swiftly came into place and since then, life for Luke […]


6 Aug 2020

This week, actor Glenn Hazeldine joined Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry on Ensemble Conversations! First appearing on our stage in 1997’s ACT ONE, Glenn has performed in countless Ensemble productions including David Williamson’s THE JACK MANNING TRILOGY, MANAGING CARMEN and RHINESTONE REX AND MISS MONICA. He’s also no stranger to the screen with some great Aussie […]


30 Jul 2020

We’re talking big performances, big hair and even bigger conversations this week as one of Australia’s favourite cabaret legends Trevor Ashley joins Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry for Ensemble Conversations.  We want to stay connected and hear what you love about Ensemble! Share your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #loveensemblesydney

Video: ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS | Huw Higginson & Hannah Waterman

23 Jul 2020

Husband and wife duo Huw Higginson and Hannah Waterman join Mark on Ensemble Conversations this week. The stage and screen actors performed together at Ensemble three years ago in Tom Wells’ touching comedy THE KITCHEN SINK. Both have appeared in long-running TV soaps THE BILL and EASTENDERS, but most recently Huw featured in Australian film […]


16 Jul 2020

The legendary John Bell joins our Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry for Ensemble Conversations this week. As an award-winning actor, acclaimed director and risk-taking impresario, John has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the Australian arts industry. Following two sell-out seasons of DIPLOMACY, John most recently took to the Ensemble stage with A FEW OF […]

Video: ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS | Garth Holcombe & Jamie Oxenbould

9 Jul 2020

This week on ENSEMBLE CONVERSATIONS, THE WOMAN IN BLACK actors Garth Holcombe and Jamie Oxenbould explore the thrill of being scared AND deliver a special excerpt from one of the longest running plays in the history of the West End. We want to stay connected and hear what you love about Ensemble! Share your thoughts […]