Williamson Wednesday: BIRTHRIGHTS

1 Apr 2020

And we’re back again for another Williamson Wednesday! This week, we’re turning the clocks back to 2003 to take a look at the heartfelt and courageous BIRTHRIGHTS.

Motherhood and family are brought to the fore in this heartfelt story about surrogacy, parents and identity. When Helen undergoes a vital operation that stops her and her partner from having children, her sister Claudia graciously volunteers to become their surrogate. But years later, when Claudia discovers that her and her husband cannot conceive, the lines between family members become increasingly blurred.

Directed by Sandra Bates at the Playhouse at Sydney Opera House, this commanding cast had some of our familiar faces including Ensemble Theatre founding member Lorraine Bayly, Michelle Doake, Glenn Hazeldine and Ensemble Theatre ambassador Kate Raison. In fact, it was closing night of BIRTHRIGHTS when Lorraine Bayly announced her retirement AND when Bayly’s Bistro was born!

Diving head first into ideas of nurturing, identity and the rigidity of accepted parenting roles “Williamson [took] on board many concerns in his typically humorous, ironic and journalistic fashion.” (The Sydney Morning Herald).  Powerful performances coupled with that trademark wit and we had another hit from Australia’s legendary playwright.