Based in Kirribilli, on the edge of Sydney Harbour, Ensemble Theatre is committed to performing and presenting the best of international plays, well-loved classics and new Australian works. Each season we pride ourselves on delivering powerful, memorable and engaging live theatre of the highest standard. Founded in 1958, Ensemble Theatre recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and is the longest continuously running professional theatre in Australia.


Our mission at Ensemble Theatre is to create diverse, accessible live theatre of the highest quality that entertains, educates, enlightens and challenges. We create theatre for everyone.


Ensemble Theatre aims to create diverse, accessible live theatre of the highest quality that entertains, educates, enlightens and challenges. Our productions appeal to a broad audience of all ages. Each year we present a season that includes the best new international plays alongside classics and brand new Australian works ranging from laugh-out-loud comedies to riveting dramas. We are theatre for everyone. Ensemble Theatre’s Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry writes: “Ensemble Theatre has always been a place to share stories and my aim is to continue this tradition while matching those stories with the best creative talent from our vibrant theatre scene.”


Ensemble Theatre’s long success comes from being a very accessible place. Theatre for everyone is not a throw away statement but the core of what Ensemble Theatre means to me. Theatre shouldn’t be exclusive, elitist, but for everyone. The joy of seeing a packed auditorium full of people from all walks of life; subscribers with a long history of support for their favourite theatre; disadvantaged schools witnessing a live experience for the first time; actors and directors discovering classic or new plays; families, teenagers, new couples, theatre groups, all catching the latest play in the season, is why we do what we do. I like the joy of an audience laughing at a classic comedy that has been laughed at in that same place since its long inception; there’s that anticipation and thrill of a new play being seen for the first time; the joy of encouraging emerging and established directors; the delight of seeing plays cast with well-known, new and diverse actors on stage. I love the pleasure of audiences and creative minds meeting in a safe and welcoming environment. Ensemble Theatre is a sharing place; for discussion of the latest play, for meeting family and friends; for an evening out, eating, drinking admiring the view; and then, as the theatre doors open, for travelling into different worlds, remembering, escaping, forgetting but above all – to be entertained.

Ensemble Theatre has a long tradition of contemporary and classic theatre and has transformed over the 60 plus years of its long life building an impressive and strong subscription base. For me that tradition is the core of who we are; good plays done well. In the future we will continue to build on this core vision, developing creative relationships with the best of writers, directors and designers, producing the best of theatre nationally and internationally, maintaining a strong education base and touring model while encouraging a new life force of emerging artists.

The Ensemble Theatre is theatre for everyone — and all are welcome.

— Mark Kilmurry


Ensemble Theatre offers a number of ways for students and teachers to gain insights and an appreciation of the performing arts through our education initiatives.


Ambassadors and Board

Todd McKenney
Brian Meegan
Georgie Parker
Kate Raison

Ensemble Limited Board

Graham Bradley AM (Chair)
Hamish Balnaves
John Bayley
Narelle Beattie
Mark Kilmurry
Anne-Marie McGinty
James Sherrard

Ensemble Foundation Board

Deborah Thomas (Chair)
Diane Balnaves
Graham Bradley AM
Joanne Cunningham
Ross Gavin
Emma Hodgman
Mark Kilmurry
Victoria Pollard
Guy Reynolds AO
Margo Weston