Media Release: Vale Susanne Briggs

24 May 2022

VALE  Susanne Briggs Sydney Arts Publicist 16 October, 1957 – 20 May, 2022 Sydney Arts Publicist, Susanne Briggs passed away unexpectedly on Friday 20 May, 2022, aged 64. Susanne was well loved and respected by Sydney’s arts community and arts media, having worked as Media Relations Manager under the leadership of Sir Edmund Capon at […]

Synopsis: A DOLL’S HOUSE

18 May 2022

To the world, Nora Helmer has it all. A well-respected husband, an immaculate home and three darling children. But underneath the façade of a confident modern woman juggling her life, lies a secret. Or two. When an old ghost comes knocking on the Helmer’s door, their seemingly solid marriage is shaken to the core. Chantelle […]


13 May 2022

Discover more about A LETTER FOR MOLLY with our digital program. It’s packed full of info about the show including notes from Playwright Brittanie Shipway, and Director Ursula Yovich, plus photos and more! DOWNLOAD YOUR PROGRAM On stage until 4 Jun, don’t miss A LETTER FOR MOLLY by Brittanie Shipway. BOOK NOW

Meet the cast: A LETTER FOR MOLLY

5 May 2022

Hitting our stage from Monday, Gumbaynggirr playwright and actor Brittanie Shipway’s new play A LETTER FOR MOLLY is a beautiful celebration of culture that explores the importance of identity and the emotional power of a mother-daughter relationship. Directed by Ursula Yovich, recipient of the 2021 Ensemble Theatre Sandra Bates Director’s Award, and with a brilliant […]

Tour: BLACK COCKATOO performance in Harrow

5 May 2022

Since the very first performance in March at Hobart’s Theatre Royal, 2020’s landmark play BLACK COCKATOO has been wowing audiences up and down the East Coast of Australia! Sharing this important story of Johnny Mullagh and Australia’s first international cricket team far and wide, the cast and creatives made an important stop in the town […]


28 Apr 2022

Discover more about STILL UNQUALIFIED with our digital program. It’s packed full of info about the show including notes from Playwrights Genevieve Hegney and Catherine Moore, and Director Janine Watson, plus photos and more! DOWNLOAD YOUR PROGRAM

Photos: A LETTER FOR MOLLY | In the rehearsal room

27 Apr 2022

Here’s your first look into the A LETTER FOR MOLLY rehearsal room! Following four generations of mothers and daughters, this beautiful and witty new play by Gumbaynggirr writer and actor Brittanie Shipway brings to light the importance of reconnecting with family and looking to the future. Photography by Prudence Upton Playing 9 May – 4 […]

Photos: STILL UNQUALIFIED | In the rehearsal room

27 Apr 2022

Back at it again! The laughs are echoing across Kirribilli as the STILL UNQUALIFIED team put the finishing touches on their laugh-out-loud, joyous celebration of friendship against the odds. Take a peek inside the hilarious rehearsal room. ​ Photography by Prudence Upton Playing 29 Apr – 4 Jun, don’t miss STILL UNQUALIFIED! BOOK NOW

Director’s Note: A LETTER FOR MOLLY

20 Apr 2022

I didn’t grow up wanting to be in the theatre. In fact, I didn’t know what theatre was. It seemed to me a place likened to an old dusty library overflowing with dormant stories. Theatre was where you went to die. However, I would soon discover that this mysterious, enigmatic place is where stories take […]


14 Apr 2022

It is often not until adulthood that our perspective of our parents matures into one of understanding. As children, we perceive them as providers, before they reveal to us their fallibility during our teenage years. Adulthood, however, brings with it a more balanced awareness. For me, this transition occurred on Mother’s Day 2020, when mum […]


13 Apr 2022

Sometimes people come into your life and it seems preordained. A ripple of déjà vu passes through you. There’s an intersection and you cross paths at exactly the right moment. Catherine Moore and Genevieve Hegney are two such people for me. One show with them was a gift I couldn’t have dreamt up. But two…. […]


7 Apr 2022

One day after an 11am performance of UNQUALIFIED, Mark Kilmurry asked 2 very weary women if they’d be interested in writing a sequel to their play and they said, “You’re out of your mind! We’re tired mums, we haven’t slept for 5 years! We may have a drinking problem! “ 3 minutes later, they had […]


21 Mar 2022

Discover more about A.R Gurney’s evocative and heartfelt story with a copy of our LOVE LETTERS digital program! DOWNLOAD YOUR PROGRAM On stage until 11 Apr, don’t miss this limited season of LOVE LETTERS performed by Tina Bursill and Andrew McFarlane. + BOOK HERE


18 Mar 2022

What begins as frivolous note sharing between childhood friends, unfolds into a lifelong love affair via the art of letter writing. Rebellious Melissa and straitlaced Andrew pour their hearts on to the page bonding over experiences of angst-ridden boarding schools, travel adventures, career ambitions and failed relationships. Young infatuation transforms into a complicated romance, as […]

Photos: NEARER THE GODS | On stage

10 Mar 2022

Welcome to the world of NEARER THE GODS where astronomical egos and petty politics almost jeopardise one of the greatest discoveries of human advancement. Don’t miss this blackly funny play by Australian theatre legend David Williamson. Photography by Prudence Upton David Williamson’s NEARER THE GODS is on stage until 23 Apr, don’t miss it! + […]


7 Mar 2022

Discover more about NEARER THE GODS with our digital program. It’s packed full of info about the show including notes from David Williamson AO and Director Janine Watson, as well as a synopsis, photos and more! DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM David Williamson’s NEARER THE GODS is on stage until 23 Apr. Don’t miss it. + BOOK […]