2023 Brochure Request

10 Aug 2022

Our 2023 season has landed and we are so excited for all that 2023 will bring to Ensemble Theatre! Want a printed copy of our new brochure delivered to your mailbox? You’ll need an Ensemble Theatre online login to make your request, which can be set up in a few easy steps: Already have an account? […]

Synopsis: PHOTOGRAPH 51

3 Aug 2022

It’s 1951 and the race is on to unlock the secret to life. An ambitious young scientist, Rosalind Franklin, holds the key to decoding DNA and has a Nobel Prize worthy discovery within her reach. Franklin’s pioneering work using x-ray diffraction photography could lead to the biggest breakthrough in biological history. Hindered by her own […]

Program: THE ONE

19 Jul 2022

Discover more about THE ONE with our digital program. It’s packed full of info about the show including writer’s and director’s notes, cast and creative bios, plus photos and more! + DOWNLOAD YOUR PROGRAM Playing 22 Jul – 27 Aug, secure your seats to this energetic and provocative new comedy today. BOOK NOW

Director’s Note: Darren Yap, THE ONE

11 Jul 2022

I remember when I was seven, a man told my mum to ‘go back to where you come from’, she replied ‘what Melbourne?’  I was so embarrassed by mum! I only realised years later this was mum’s truth. She was Australian. More than Chinese….and so for me one of the themes THE ONE digs into […]

Writer’s Note: Vanessa Bates, THE ONE

7 Jul 2022

‘Writer’s notes’ are funny things; part memoir, part confession, part joyous outburst: yay, it’s a play! With an audience! In a pandemic! Two Eurasian siblings, Mel and Eric, Malaysian and Australian, feeling both and neither. Mel’s memory of childhood is not the same as Eric’s even though they are siblings who experienced similar childhood upbringings. […]

Photos: THE ONE | In rehearsals

7 Jul 2022

All the ingredients are coming together as rehearsals for THE ONE heat up! We can’t wait to bite into this exuberant comedy by Vanessa Bates when it hits our stage on 22 Jul.    Photography by Jaimi Joy Playing 22 Jul – 27 Aug, don’t miss this fast-paced and eccentric family comedy unravelling what it […]


29 Jun 2022

Now playing, don’t miss A DOLL’S HOUSE! Renowned playwright Joanna Murray-Smith gives a fresh perspective to Ibsen’s classic about throwing open the door to life’s possibilities. Photography by Prudence Upton.   Playing until 16 Jul, don’t miss this fresh adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s timeless classic. BOOK NOW

Synopsis: THE ONE

27 Jun 2022

Mel’s got a lot on her plate. Between the anxiety-inducing return of her mother from their old home in Malaysia, her brother Eric’s mysterious double life and the pressure of caring for her mother’s prized poodle, Mel is hungry for more simplicity. In the world premiere of this new and eccentric family comedy, award-winning playwright […]


7 Jun 2022

Discover more about A DOLL’S HOUSE with our digital program. It’s packed full of info about the show including adaptation note from Joanna Murry-Smith and Director Mark Kilmurry, plus photos and more! DOWNLOAD YOUR PROGRAM Playing 10 Jun – 16 Jul, don’t miss this contemporary take on Henrik Ibsen’s classic story. + BOOK NOW

Video Series: National Reconciliation Week

6 Jun 2022

Over the course of National Reconciliation Week, we had some important conversations with a handful of the actors and creatives from A LETTER FOR MOLLY and a few of our Ensemble staff about what reconciliation week means to them and what we can do to keep the journey going. To find out more about National […]

Director’s Note: Mark Kilmurry, A DOLL’S HOUSE

6 Jun 2022

I am thrilled Joanna Murray-Smith said yes to adapting a new version of Henrik Ibsen’s A DOLL’S HOUSE bringing all her wit and wisdom to the enduring classic. The beauty and tragedy of Ibsen’s play is that themes remain current even if the world has changed. Nora’s quest to be seen and heard for the […]

Adaptation Note: Joanna Murray-Smith, A DOLL’S HOUSE

3 Jun 2022

I was thrilled with the invitation from Mark Kilmurry to adapt Ibsen’s 1879 classic A Dolls House. I had one of the best experiences of my life adapting his play Hedda Gabler and also Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage, which featured many of the themes of the two other classics from nearly a century […]

Media Release: Vale Susanne Briggs

24 May 2022

VALE  Susanne Briggs Sydney Arts Publicist 16 October, 1957 – 20 May, 2022 Sydney Arts Publicist, Susanne Briggs passed away unexpectedly on Friday 20 May, 2022, aged 64. Susanne was well loved and respected by Sydney’s arts community and arts media, having worked as Media Relations Manager under the leadership of Sir Edmund Capon at […]

Synopsis: A DOLL’S HOUSE

18 May 2022

To the world, Nora Helmer has it all. A well-respected husband, an immaculate home and three darling children. But underneath the façade of a confident modern woman juggling her life, lies a secret. Or two. When an old ghost comes knocking on the Helmer’s door, their seemingly solid marriage is shaken to the core. Chantelle […]


14 May 2022

Now playing, A LETTER FOR MOLLY is a vibrant, poignant story of reconnecting with family and looking to the future. This celebration of culture brings to light the importance of identity and the emotional power of a mother-daughter relationship. Don’t miss it! Photography by Prudence Upton Let’s connect! Find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #ensemblesydney


13 May 2022

Discover more about A LETTER FOR MOLLY with our digital program. It’s packed full of info about the show including notes from Playwright Brittanie Shipway, and Director Ursula Yovich, plus photos and more! DOWNLOAD YOUR PROGRAM On stage until 4 Jun, don’t miss A LETTER FOR MOLLY by Brittanie Shipway. BOOK NOW