Williamson Wednesday: BIRTHRIGHTS

1 Apr 2020

And we’re back again for another Williamson Wednesday! This week, we’re turning the clocks back to 2003 to take a look at the heartfelt and courageous BIRTHRIGHTS. Motherhood and family are brought to the fore in this heartfelt story about surrogacy, parents and identity. When Helen undergoes a vital operation that stops her and her […]

Williamson Wednesday: FACE TO FACE

25 Mar 2020

Missing your David Williamson fix? Don’t worry, because Williamson Wednesday is here and we’ve got you sorted! Each week, we’ll be dipping into the archives to bring you exciting insights into some of the plays of Australia’s legendary theatre playwright. To kick off our first Williamson Wednesday, we’re taking a dive into Ensemble Theatre’s first […]

Director’s Note: Priscilla Jackman, A BROADCAST COUP

13 Mar 2020

“In a post #MeToo era, Mike is still at the top of his game in public broadcasting, but finds the goal posts increasingly changing. Louise, Jez, and Noa are three generations of women who have the potential to shape Mike’s world in ways he’s never anticipated. With all of Melanie Tait’s characteristic charm, whip-smart dialogue, […]

Q&A: Playwright Melanie Tait, A BROADCAST COUP

5 Mar 2020

Get excited because next week we welcome the amazing team from Melanie Tait’s new Australian comedy A BROADCAST COUP back into the rehearsal room! Hilarious and hard-hitting, we asked Melanie a few questions about her new play, the inspiration behind it and some of the things she’s learned so far. Tell us a bit about […]


3 Mar 2020

Sparkling with razor sharp wit and humour, CRUNCH TIME tackles pertinent social issues head-on in this poignant family drama. Playing until 9 Apr, don’t miss it! “Williamson’s trademark sense of dramatic irony is lively to the end” The Sydney Morning Herald CRUNCH TIME is playing until 9 Apr, book now.

Photos: David Williamson’s CRUNCH TIME

20 Feb 2020

Rife with sibling rivalry, broken relationships and colourful characters, CRUNCH TIME tackles social issues head-on in this blackly funny story about family and duty. Now playing, don’t miss the Australian theatre heavyweight’s final play before retirement! Photography by Prudence Upton. CRUNCH TIME is playing until 9 Apr, book here.

Video: David Williamson, CRUNCH TIME

18 Feb 2020

“We can all remember terrible moments in our family life and we can remember wonderful moments and that’s why it’s such good drama” David Williamson discusses the story of CRUNCH TIME and the role that family plays in shaping us. Catch the Australian theatre heavyweight’s final play on stage until 9 Apr. CRUNCH TIME is […]

Director’s Note: Mark Kilmurry, CRUNCH TIME

12 Feb 2020

What a privilege and pleasure it is to direct David Williamson’s last ever play. His work always has a finger on the pulse of contemporary issues and CRUNCH TIME sits right at the heart of the ongoing debate about the right to die with dignity. But the main theme stems from within the family nucleus […]

Writer’s Note: David Williamson, CRUNCH TIME

12 Feb 2020

CRUNCH TIME is a story of sibling rivalry and a story about dying. If that sounds grim, then some of the time it is. Dying can’t be avoided and sibling rivalry is a reality of life. In any family each sibling wants their share of love and parental attention and can get very distressed if […]


10 Feb 2020

Want to know more about CRUNCH TIME? Our downloadable program is full of exciting extra tidbits about the show. You’ll find a message from playwright David Williamson, a director’s note from Mark Kilmurry, a timeline of David Williamson’s productions at Ensemble Theatre, synopsis, photos of the rehearsals and more! DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM (PDF)  


6 Feb 2020

Our season of BLACK COCKATOO may be coming to a close, but fret not! This moving Australian story is heading out for a short tour to Merrigong Theatre Company in Wollongong and Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. After a hugely successful season at Ensemble Theatre, don’t miss out on your chance to see this amazing play […]

Photos: CRUNCH TIME in rehearsal

30 Jan 2020

Step inside the CRUNCH TIME rehearsal room! Sparkling with razor sharp wit and humour, don’t miss Australian theatre heavy-weight David Williamson’s final play before retirement. CRUNCH TIME is playing from 14 Feb – 9 Apr, book here.

Video: BLACK COCKATOO Director Wesley Enoch

24 Jan 2020

“What would it have meant for Aboriginal Australia if we had celebrated these stories in the day in a way that the whole nation could understand” Director Wesley Enoch discusses the importance of bringing BLACK COCKATOO to the stage. Don’t miss this powerful play about Australia’s first Indigenous sporting hero. Playing at Ensemble Theatre until […]


16 Jan 2020

Inspired by the true story of legendary First Nations cricketer Johnny Mullagh and Australia’s first ever international sporting team, this is not just about cricket. This is a story of strength, resistance, hope and possibility. Don’t miss it! BLACK COCKATOO is playing until 8 Feb, book here.


10 Jan 2020

Inspired by Australia’s first ever international sporting team, come discover the incredible story of BLACK COCKATOO. On stage now until 8 Feb as a part of Sydney Festival. Photography by Prudence Upton.


18 Dec 2019

Meet Oscar and Felix. Oscar likes cards. Sports. Eating leftovers. Felix likes clean air. Polished surfaces. Cooking. When recently divorced Oscar invites getting-divorced Felix to share his New York apartment, what could go wrong? Along with a cast of colourful characters, Neil Simon’s hilarious tale of divorce, friendship and (mis)understanding will leave you in stitches. […]