13 Feb 2024

Frigid winds of the Swiss Alps whistle past the cabin windows of best-selling crime author Patricia Highsmith as she retreats away from the world in her beloved fortress of solitude. Surrounded by a towering collection of books with only the company of cats, Patricia’s peace is disturbed when an intriguing young man from her publisher’s office knocks on the door. As he tries to coax out a final edition of the famed Mr Ripley series, a high-stakes game of words unfolds and Patricia’s fiction begins to teeter dangerously on the cliff of reality.

With Toni Scanlan (Belvoir’s THE WEEKEND) as Patricia Highsmith, renowned Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith (HONOUR) weaves a torrid web of wit and mystery in this gripping psychological thriller.

Playing 3 May – 8 Jun, don’t miss out on this compelling play by Joanna Murray-Smith.