17 Nov 2023

What a joy to work on one of my favourite genres, if it is a genre, of things going wrong. The theatre is fraught with those moments of utter despair where no matter how careful the plan, fate will ensue. There are many plays and films dealing with this area and I think the reason is twofold; one, we laugh at the slip on the banana skin (thankful it’s not us); two, we have been there and done that ourselves and so empathise with the pain. The hilarious heightened pressure of ‘everything has to go right’ only fuels the alternative.

Not only is this play a favourite genre (I think it is a genre, I’m convinced) but I’m also writing with a favourite actor and writer in the lovely Jamie Oxenbould, with whom I have worked on many plays, also a film, and now MIDNIGHT MURDER AT HAMLINGTON HALL. Jamie is a very clever and funny writer, plus a talented actor with impeccable timing. A great combination when you need things to go horribly wrong around you.

Completing the occasion are some of the best actors and a huge thank you to them. The team of creatives worked so hard making everyone’s nightmare a beautiful dream of a show. Also, a huge thank you to the lovely team at Ensemble Theatre who make being at work such a pleasure.

– Mark Kilmurry, Co-Writer & Director

A very funny take on bad timing, incompetence and sweet optimism to end the 2023 season, don’t miss MIDNIGHT MURDER AT HAMLINGTON HALL.