Photos: BLACK COCKATOO in rehearsal

18 Dec 2019

  We’re just a few weeks out from the world premiere of BLACK COCKATOO and to say we’re excited is an understatement! Take a look into the rehearsal room and see what the team have been up to. Hitting the stage from 4 Jan as a part of Sydney Festival, book today! Photography by Prudence […]

Director’s Note: Wesley Enoch, BLACK COCKATOO

18 Dec 2019

Australian Cricket is full of characters and stories, some we know about but many we don’t. From unsavoury stories of ball tampering and sledging through to the amazing untold story of our women cricketers and their extraordinary international successes. But, few would know about the first ever Australian team to tour to England; the fact […]


18 Dec 2019

Want to know more about BLACK COCKATOO? Our downloadable program is full of exciting extra tidbits about the show. You’ll find a message from playwright Geoffrey Atherden, a director’s note from Wesley Enoch, synopsis, photos of the rehearsals and more! DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM (PDF)


3 Dec 2019

Visited by three strangers on the eve before Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge sees his penny pinching ways revealed in all their terrible glory: from brushes with the past, to enlightenment in the present and dreaded visions of the future. Will Scrooge repent and throw turkey to the wind, or will he hold on to his purse […]

Synopsis: OUTDATED

3 Dec 2019

So, you’re in your 40’s and dating again? Relax! Your first date may feel like you’re speeding towards a cliff at 100kms an hour, but just follow these simple tips to make the dating process a breeze: Wish you could stop the date and start again? Ignore that doubting voice inside your head, nobody can […]


3 Dec 2019

They might be carrying briefcases and commanding bigger pay cheques but straight talking Joanne and perennially optimistic Felicity are back and STILL UNQUALIFIED in this sequel to 2018’s hilarious hit comedy. It’s been a year since we left Felicity and Joanne singing at a karaoke bar. They now live together, work out of their home […]


3 Dec 2019

Everyone has a nemesis. And for Robyn (Kate Raison, TWO), Queen Bee of her long running book club,that nemesis comes in the form of free-spirited and luminous Katie (Chantelle Jamieson, STC’s STILL POINT TURNING: THE CATHERINE MCGREGOR STORY). When Katie is invited to join the group, Robyn’s once steady kingdom is rocked by her exuberance […]


3 Dec 2019

This season, one of the most thrilling and long-running plays in West End history makes its way to the close quarters of Ensemble’s intimate stage. Mr Kipps (Jamie Oxenbould, BAREFOOT IN THE PARK) is troubled by disturbing memories of his journey to fog bound Eel Marsh, where Mrs Drablow’s lonely house stands in isolation. Trapped […]


3 Dec 2019

In Harold Pinter’s extraordinarily mischievous comedy, Aston asks down-and-out Davis to be a live-in caretaker. Davis leaps at the chance to change his fortunes, but the trouble is he doesn’t know what a caretaker should do, especially in a room filled with junk. When Aston’s manipulative brother Mike shows up, Davies is wrong-footed and outmanoeuvred. […]

Synopsis: HONOUR

3 Dec 2019

Honor and George have been married for 32 years, and, as in all good marriages, have madesome compromises along the way. While George forged his career as a writer, Honor left her promising literary career of her own and dived into motherhood – with no regrets. Their world seems unshakeable – until young and tenacious […]

Synopsis: KENNY

3 Dec 2019

When your work can’t get any lower your expectations can only soar. A knight in shining overalls, Kenny is proud of his work, despite his Dad’s harsh judgements and the ignorant members of the public who take him for granted. In this classic riff on decency, Kenny’s off-beat humour and wide-eyed wonder at life’s possibilities […]


3 Dec 2019

Cut-throat journalist Jez Connell is out for her next sting. It’s been a year since she brought down one of TV’s most lauded stars and now she’s got Michael King, the darling of public radio, in her sights. This time, it’s personal. Michael is at the top of the ratings with his popular morning political […]


3 Dec 2019

Steve is the typical Aussie bloke, self-assured, social and sports-mad. Recently retired from a high-flying career, he’s passed the family business over to his son Jimmy – a chip off the old block. But his eldest son Luke, an engineer with more of an interest in algebra than AFL, has never quite seen eye-to-eye with […]


3 Dec 2019

Over 150 years ago, 13 brave Aboriginal men in Western Victoria picked up their cricket bats and embarked on a treacherous voyage to England and into the unknown – all in the name of sport. Risking illness and persecution, Australia’s first international cricket team – including Australia’s first Indigenous sporting hero, Johnny Mullagh – amazed […]


2 Dec 2019

Riotous one liners, colourful characters and a whole lot of heart – THE ODD COUPLE has it all! Don’t miss Neil Simon’s Tony Award winning comedy, on stage until 29 Dec. Photography by Prudence Upton. Catch THE ODD COUPLE until 29 Dec, book here.


25 Nov 2019

Want to know more about Neil Simon’s hilarious Tony Award winning play? Our downloadable program is full of exciting extra tidbits about the show. You’ll find a director’s note from Mark Kilmurry, synopsis, photos of the talented cast in rehearsals and more! DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM