Director’s Note: Mark Kilmurry, THE GREAT DIVIDE

26 Feb 2024

It is a real thrill to be directing David Williamson’s first play out of retirement, THE GREAT DIVIDE. As usual, David has his finger on the pulse of what’s current in Australian society and has created a play out of fear of losing the very things we cherish in our communities. Money talks and it takes real strength and courage to stand in its way—and perhaps personal sacrifice. This central conceit fuels THE GREAT DIVIDE and, as the title suggests, places opposing views within David’s beautifully drawn characters.

It has been a real pleasure working with this fine, talented cast and creative team and I hope you enjoy this social comedy, which may also give rise to many lively conversations, long after the play has finished.


Playing 8 Mar – 27 Apr, don’t miss out on this urgent and darkly funny play by David Williamson.