Writer’s Note: Sam O’Sullivan, BOXING DAY BBQ

25 Nov 2022

Ensemble Theatre has been an important part of my life ever since I moved to Sydney. My first job was in their subscriptions department and since graduating from drama school, I have appeared in multiple Ensemble productions. When I was asked to work on a new play for them, this time as a writer, I was thrilled.

My first instinct when writing this play was to go back to the true origins of our Christmas traditions and trace their evolution to the present. Tradition is often used as a reason for doing something, but if we apply this way of thinking to all aspects of life – if we hold on to old ways of thinking without questioning why, we risk becoming stuck in patterns that no longer serve us, our loved ones, or the planet. The journey that
this play has taken me on, with Mark and a wonderful cast of actors by my side, has been fascinating and joyful. I hope you enjoy watching Boxing Day BBQ as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Sam O’Sullivan

On stage 5 Dec – 15 Jan 2023, don’t miss this blisteringly comical yet moving family drama about the ridiculous holiday season in all its glory.