Synopsis: HONOUR

3 Dec 2019

Honor and George have been married for 32 years, and, as in all good marriages, have madesome compromises along the way. While George forged his career as a writer, Honor left her promising literary career of her own and dived into motherhood – with no regrets. Their world seems unshakeable – until young and tenacious Claudia arrives on the scene and disrupts the equilibrium of their seemingly perfect lives.

Fascinating, illuminating and funny, Joanna Murray-Smith subtly cracks open the complexities of a modern relationship from every angle, laying bare our capacity to love, hurt and deceive those around us. Lucy Bell (MARJORIE PRIME) and Catherine Văn-Davies (STC’s GOING DOWN) bring the intergenerational differences to light in this thrilling and insightful modern Australian classic.

Playing 9 Jun – 4 Jul, book here.