Delve into the depths of human frailty and our capacity to love with this thrilling modern Australian classic. Cracks appear in a seemingly unbreakable marriage when a tenacious young writer enters the scene. A funny yet frank exploration of intimacy and relationships.


Honor and George have been married for 32 years, and, as in all good marriages, have madesome compromises along the way. While George forged his career as a writer, Honor left her promising literary career of her own and dived into motherhood – with no regrets. Their world seems unshakeable – until young and tenacious Claudia arrives on the scene and disrupts the equilibrium of their seemingly perfect lives.

Fascinating, illuminating and funny, Joanna Murray-Smith subtly cracks open the complexities of a modern relationship from every angle, laying bare our capacity to love, hurt and deceive those around us. Lucy Bell (MARJORIE PRIME) and Catherine Văn-Davies (STC’s GOING DOWN) bring the intergenerational differences to light in this thrilling and insightful modern Australian classic.

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"Profound in it's exploration of humans and our capacity to love" Stage Noise

"Wrenchingly honest about sex and marriage" The Guardian UK

Director's Note

Honour is a contemporary Australian classic which, true to the test of a classic, still resonates today.

“It questions the ability of long term love to endure and lays bare the judgement and moral frailty on both sides when it doesn’t. Raising familiar questions around sacrifice and equality within a partnership, HONOUR nonetheless confounds easy assumptions, a quality I’m deeply drawn to as vital element of any truly compelling drama.

I’m very excited to be directing Joanna Murray-Smith’s dense and finely observed play with two of Sydney’s most vibrant and intelligently engaging actors – Lucy Bell and Catherine Văn-Davies.” – Director Kate Champion

Watch the Trailer

Behind the Scenes Experience

Director at Work

As part of a small group, observe Kate Champion at work in the rehearsal room and see HONOUR come to life.

HONOUR with Kate Champion
Date: Thu 21 May
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm