Killer Reads from KILLING KATIE: Bron Lim

9 Aug 2021

Looking for the perfect story to get you through the throes of lockdown living? The team from KILLING KATIE: CONFESSIONS OF A BOOK CLUB are opening the book on their favourite tales and giving you their very own killer reading recommendations. We’ve got actor Bron Lim in the hot seat next!

What’s your favourite book or author and why?

The first time I read THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by Douglas Adams I must have been around 10. I was sick in bed, with an awful cold and recall being fussed over. I remember not wanting to laugh too loudly in case I was caught having too good a time and promptly returned to school. Now, whenever I revisit the Hitchhiker’s series, it feels like a warm hug, consoling me as the world unleashes its latest absurd offering.

What makes for a good story or book?

I want to be hooked in by the author’s style and drawn into a completely different perspective on life. A surprising observation on every page helps keep my easily distracted brain on task. Catharsis and resolution optional.

If your life was a book, what would the title be?

Feathered Thing

Do you have any reading rituals? 

I don’t have rituals as such, but my lovely husband brings me cups of tea while I’m reading. I’ll take a few sips, then forget all about it. When it’s undrinkably cold, I heat it up in the microwave and repeat the whole process until it’s pure radiation in a mug.

What are you reading at the moment?

THE SATURDAY PORTRAITS by Maxine Beneba Clarke and ENTANGLED LIFE by Merlin Sheldrake.

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