Ensemble Ed travels to the Tiwi Islands

17 Dec 2018

As part of Ensemble Theatre’s Guiding Light Outreach Program, key creatives from THE APPLETON LADIES’ POTATO RACE travelled over 3000km to the Tiwi Islands to work with students at Tiwi College. Melanie Tait (playwright), Priscilla Jackman (director) and Claire Nesbitt-Hawes (producer) delivered workshops exploring play-building and theatrical storytelling to the enthusiastic students, focusing on the importance of telling local stories. Despite their community being so remote, the Tiwi College students will also get to experience a performance of THE APPLETON LADIES’ POTATO RACE, recorded live at Ensemble Theatre in 2019 and delivered to their classrooms via the wonders of modern technology. Take a look at the photos below and see what the team got up to.


Thank you to Jenny and Guy Reynolds for generously hosting the trip and to Victoria and Ian Pollard for supporting our Guiding Light Outreach Program.