Director’s Note: Mark Kilmurry, THE BIG TIME

19 Dec 2018

It is always a pleasure working on a new David Williamson play and particularly one that deals with issues underlining the make it or break it world of entertainment. THE BIG TIME has at its core loneliness, desperation, jealousy, ambition and betrayal while creating a world of likable characters that make us laugh. Quite an achievement given the themes. The play also has a sense of hope, struggling to make itself heard over the noise of ego. David is very good at finding the heightened essence of the world, at once  allowing us to laugh and sympathise while recognising the truths of who we are. I feel my job as director  is to do two things; cast really well and secondly; let the words fly. David Williamson has, as ever, done the hard work already.

Mark Kilmurry,
Artistic Director