Director’s Note: FULLY COMMITTED

16 Aug 2019

Have you ever lost your temper with a stranger on a phone call? They’re not giving you the information or solution you so desperately need? Has it made you behave in ways you normally wouldn’t? How do you think that stranger must feel on the receiving end of multiple versions of you? FULLY COMMITTED brings this deeply inequitable social exchange to the stage. Written around the time when food became more about fashion and status than a function of survival, it evokes the questionable behaviour between upstairs and downstairs, those serving and being served and the abuse experienced by an employee on the end of the line who is just trying to do their job. As our fascination with food grows evermore fetishised, the competition to be seen in elite restaurants has become increasingly ridiculous. It is only food of course, but in the end, it’s so much more. It’s ego, it’s prestige, it’s power. FULLY COMMITTED is marinated in this heady mix of the delicious and the debauched. It’s a role to relish for an actor who thrills to the discipline of an extreme challenge. Witnessing one actor take on dozens of characters is the equivalent of a high-wire act without a net. Contessa Treffone is one such actor and it’s been an honour to witness her tackle the extraordinary provocation that this play delights in. Bon appetit!

Kate Champion

At Ensemble Theatre 11 Oct – 16 Nov, book here.