4 Nov 2022

Deep amongst the monstrous flytraps and ferns in Sebastian’s garden, tendrils of a sordid family secret are beginning to unfurl.

Sebastian Venable died mysteriously last summer and his mother Violet will do anything in her power to protect his memory – and her own reputation. Young cousin Catharine was the only witness to this nightmarish event. She is desperate to reveal what really happened, but Violet will go to any lengths to stop the ugly truth from seeing the light of day.

Tennessee Williams’ gothic masterpiece, led by Shaun Rennie, who also directed Ensemble’s 2019 BABY DOLL, is as relevant today as it was when written over 60-years ago.

Vibrant, funny, beautiful, Tennessee Williams takes us into the poetic world of redemption and love, shadowed by the dark secrets a family can hold.

Playing at Ensemble Theatre 15 May – 10 Jun, don’t miss this dark tale written by one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century.