Meet our Head Chef Ian Aguilar

8 Jul 2024

Ian Paul Aguilar Alarcon 

Ian was born in Arequipa, southern Peru and his passion for food began at a young age with the support of his family and community. He began his culinary training in south America which sparked his enthusiasm for working with fresh local produce and a focus on sustainability.

Ian relocated to Australia in 2009 and continued his culinary studies in Sydney. He was inspired by Australia’s robust farming community and surplus of organic wholefoods. The incredible diversity of produce and protein available at local markets and farms influenced his signature style.

After mastering his craft, Ian joined the Ensemble Theatre team in 2018 and continued to grow and embrace the Kirribilli community, making it his forever home. Ian is a member of the Australian Culinary Federation and thrives on mentoring his young staff to create a unique dining experience at Bayly’s Bistro.

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