Director’s Note: The Odd Couple

20 Nov 2019

Neil Simon’s classic comedy started life in 1965 and ran until 1967, after 964 performances. The spin-off film starring Walter Matthau (the original Oscar Madison) and Jack Lemmon was a huge success followed by a long running television series from 1970-75 with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. There have been many Broadway revivals, female casting of THE ODD COUPLE roles, and another television series as recently as 2015. So why revisit the play if the idea of two divorced individuals trying to live together and survive is so prominent in our popular culture? The answer is in the breathtaking craftsmanship Neil Simon applied to his plays. The well-rounded believable characters are trapped in situations which bring out the best and worst in humanity. THE ODD COUPLE may have been written in the mid 1960’s but the essence of the relationship between two people poles apart is easily identifiable whether you live in New York or any other place in the world. We laugh at Neil Simon’s ability to make these eclectic characters relatable, but we also get a real sense of his love and affection for this odd couple – even with all their flaws! Enjoy this very special cast bringing to life a very special play.

Mark Kilmurry,
Artistic Director

Playing from 22 Nov – 29 Dec, book here.