Ensemble Stages Spring Play Reading


A Spy in the House of Love

Flex your creative muscles. Lend us your analytical ears.
Help take a piece of theatre to the next level and enjoy a new play by Zoe Hogan.

It’s time for our Ensemble Stages Spring Play Reading!

Be part of the very first audience to hear a new Australian script in its early development, read by a fantastic cast. Afterwards, take the opportunity to ask the writer, actors, director and other creative minds questions or share your experience with them.

We are very excited to present this reading.

At the turn of the century, the international community descends on Timor-Leste, the first nation of the new millennium. Among them is Joana, who must learn to negotiate a world order where love – between neighbours, nations and friends – is all about where you draw the line.


Steve:              Look around. The roads, such as they are, are American, the schools are Japanese. Even the water pumps are South Korean. Everyone is here to shake hands, make deals and plaster their flag on anything that doesn’t move. But no one, not even us, is bold enough to want what you guys want.

Joana:             What’s that?

Steve:              The whole damn sea. And everything in it.

About the playwright: 


Zoe Hogan is a graduate of University of Leeds and ATYP’s Fresh Ink program and is a Teaching Artist for Sydney Theatre Company. Her plays have been produced and presented at Buenos Aires Youth Biennale (Argentina), Women Playwrights International Conference (Sweden), ATYP, New Theatre and Playwriting Australia’s National Play Festival.


We are thrilled with the calibre of the actors who took part in the reading.


PETER KOWITZ is playing JOSE and the LAWYER



Timorese artist ALFEO SANCHES PEREIRA is playing META

Laurence Coy’s recent tv roles include Paper Giant, Crownies and Rake.

Peter Kowitz played the regular role of Tony Gillies on ABC’S Janet King and Crownies, and is appearing at Ensemble next year in Taking Steps.

Michelle Lim Davidson appeared at Ensemble in Seminar, and she’s a regular presenter with Play School Live and has recently appeared in  Doctor Doctor.

Brandon McClelland appeared in the 2014 Cate Blanchett film Truth and is travelling to NY shortly with STC in The Present.

The role of Meta requires someone who speaks Tetun, the native language of East Timor. Alfeo Sanches Pereira is a Timorese artist and musician. He uses his art as a conduit for social and political commentary. At the age of four, in order to keep him close to home during the Indonesian Occupation of his country (1975-1999), Alfeo’s mother taught him to draw. In 2004, in a newly-independent Timor-Leste, Alfeo joined Arte Moris Free Art School where he developed his talents and passion for fine art. Alfeo’s artforms include illustration, sculpture, street art, music and painting. Alfeo is also a member of Animatism, an exchange of creative ideas and artistic action between Melbourne and Timor-Leste.