In this world premiere production, David Williamson cements his place as one of Australia’s most masterful storytellers with a brand new social comedy about legacy, entitlement and making good on past relationships.


When it comes to business Bruce knows what to do. You’ve got to out-bite the sharks and twist a good deal before you get screwed. But as the years go by and his legacy starts to loom, his thoughts turn to his exasperated daughter, her social climbing husband and his granddaughter, Rachel, who unfortunately takes after him. Perhaps it’s time to make amends. Can Bruce solve his family issues without giving away a long-held secret?

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“Australia’s most enduringly popular social comedy writer…keenly observant and satirical.” Sydney Morning Herald (for OPERATOR)

"His genius has been to define for us, in advance of our own recognition, the qualities which make up the Australian character.”  The Australian

Cast & Creatives
David Williamson

David Williamson


David Williamson is Australia’s best known and most widely performed playwright.

Some of his more than forty-five produced plays include THE REMOVALISTS, DON’S PARTY, THE CLUB, TRAVELLING NORTH, THE PERFECTIONIST, SONS OF CAIN, EMERALD CITY, MONEY AND FRIENDS, BRILLIANT LIES, DEAD WHITE MALES, AFTER THE BALL, THE JACK MANNING TRILOGY, THE GREAT MAN, UP FOR GRABS, SOULMATES, SCARLETT O’HARA AT THE CRIMSON PARROTT, NOTHING PERSONAL, WHEN DAD MARRIED FURY, MANAGING CARMEN, CRUISE CONTROL, RUPERT, DREAM HOME and JACK OF HEARTS. His plays have been translated into many languages and performed internationally, including major productions in London, Los Angeles, New York and Washington (THE CLUB in 1979 and RUPERT in 2014 at the Kennedy Centre as well as a season at the Theatre Royal, Sydney). UP FOR GRABS went on to a West End production starring Madonna in the lead role. David’s screen adaptations of his own plays include THE REMOVALISTS, DON’S PARTY, THE CLUB, TRAVELLING NORTH, EMERALD CITY, along with his original screenplays for feature films including LIBIDO, PETERSEN, GALLIPOLI, PHAR LAP, THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, and BALIBO (as co-writer) and for television he adapted ON THE BEACH.

Some of David’s many awards include 12 Australian Writers’ Guild Awards, 5 Australian Film Institutes’ Awards for Best Screenplay and, in 1996, the United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Award. David has been named one of Australia’s Living National Treasures.

Nadia Tass

Nadia Tass


Awarded theScreen Leader Award for Outstanding Leadership, Nadia Tass is one of Australia’s most iconoclastic directors of both stage and screen.

Nadia’s experience as a theatre director is extensive and diverse, ranging from improvised, classic, contemporary and musical theatre. In recent years Tass has directed THE BOOK CLUB for  London and Melbourne; EXTINCTION by Hannie Rayson; the critical and box-office success DISGRACED by Ayad Akhtar for MTC, QTC & GPAC, and e-baby for Ensemble Theatre. Her other work includes Annie Baker’s THE FLICK (MIFF, RS & QTC). THE ALIENS for Red Stitch Theatre as well as THE GRONHOLM METHOD and OUT OF THE WATER. THE OTHER PLACE by Sharr White, Louis Nowra’s plays SUMMER OF THE ALIENS, MISS BOSNIA and COSI amongst other works for Melbourne Theatre Company. PROMISES, PROMISES for The Production Company; THREE WOMEN IN AN ICE-CREAM CONE in London; and the hit THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE,  which garnered a nomination for Best Director of a Musical at the Helpmann Awards.

Nadi is a multi-award winning film director (69 awards so far). Her films include MALCOLM, RIKKY AND PETE, THE BIG STEAL, PURE LUCK, MR RELIABLE, AMY, MATCHING JACK, FATAL HONEYMOON, THE MIRACLE WORKER and the Mini series STARK for the BBC. She directs films for major studios and networks in America; Universal, Disney, Warner Bros, CBS, A&E Network.

Chenoa Deemal

Chenoa Deemal

Cast - Tess

Chenoa Deemal holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting). She has been working professionally as an actor since 2009, with shows including RAINBOW’S END, MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (QTC), THE VOICE IN THE WALLS (Imaginary Theatre), MR TAKAHASHI & OTHER FALLING SECRETS (Corrugated Iron) and A MAN WITH FIVE CHILDREN (Darlinghurst Theatre). She is currently performing in the national tour of THE 7 STAGES OF GRIEVING (QTC/Grin & Tonic) to critical acclaim, recently appearing in London at ORIGINS: FESTIVAL OF FIRST NATIONS. Later this year she will be performing in AN OCTOROON for QTC.
John Howard

John Howard

Cast - Bruce

John graduated from NIDA in 1978 and his career has seen him work on the stage, in cinema and television.

For Ensemble Theatre he has previously appeared in MONGRELS. His other theatre work includes MARK COLVIN’S KIDNEY, TWELFTH NIGHT, IVANOV (Belvoir); AALL MY SONS, THE CRUCIBLE, DEAD WHITE MALES, THE LIFE OF GALILEO, MONGRELS, THE RECRUIT (Sydney Theatre Company); SHRINE, RISING WATER (Black Swan State Theatre Company); THE ROVER (State Theatre Company of South Australia).  His film credits include MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, LAST CAB TO DARWIN, THE MAN WHO SUED GOD, A MAN’S GOTTA DO and JINDABYNE. For TV, John has appeared in WARRIORS, SOUL MATES, JANET KING, SEACHANGE, ALL SAINTS, ALWAYS GREENER, PACKED TO THE RAFTERS and CHANGI .

John’s awards include a 2015 Sydney Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actor in a MainStage Production for IVANOV and a Sydney Critics’ Circle Award for Best Stage Actor in 1991. He won his first Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actor for his role in SEACHANGE in 2001.