1 Nov 2022

It’s Sydney. It’s Boxing Day.  And it’s stinking hot. Grandad Stephen was the family’s BBQ king and his adult children have gathered to honour his memory.

Wine snob Peter and cynical Connie reluctantly get the clan together for round two of festivities – they’ve survived the chaos of Christmas but Boxing Day is set to pack a punch. In raising a toast to Stephen’s memory, old grudges and family tensions sizzle to the surface. Surely they’ll be able to stop grilling each other for one day.

With a scorching ensemble under the direction of Mark Kilmurry, don’t miss Sam O’Sullivan’s blistering comedy about the ridiculous holiday season in all its glory.

On the Ensemble stage 05 Dec 2022 – 15 Jan 2023, book your tickets to this brand new Christmas comedy today!


Ensemble Theatre’s commission of an BOXING DAY BBQ was made possible thanks to the generous donation of Guy Reynolds AO and Jenny Reynolds.