7 Apr 2022

One day after an 11am performance of UNQUALIFIED, Mark Kilmurry asked 2 very weary women if they’d be interested in writing a sequel to their play and they said, “You’re out of your mind! We’re tired mums, we haven’t slept for 5 years! We may have a drinking problem! “ 3 minutes later, they had a synopsis. And so STILL UNQUALIFIED was conceived. Then, half the writing team moved to Perth, the world was struck down with the plague and Perth became an impenetrable fortress. So the play was born despite the playwrights never being in the same room together… and theatre being dead. The idea that one day, people would come back to the theatre and laugh at their jokes again gave them the inspiration to keep writing. So to everyone who has come back to the theatre, they thank you.

Cath & Gen (who only talk about themselves in 3rd person now)

On stage 29 Apr – 4 Jun, don’t miss STILL UNQUALIFIED by Genevieve Hegney and Catherine Moore.