13 Apr 2022

Sometimes people come into your life and it seems preordained. A ripple of déjà vu passes through you. There’s an intersection and you cross paths at exactly the right moment. Catherine Moore and Genevieve Hegney are two such people for me. One show with them was a gift I couldn’t have dreamt up. But two…. I’m so very lucky. Their gifts individually are manifold. Their power together as writers and performers is nothing short of profound. But what brings the most immense joy is their openness and honesty – it is unavoidable and unwavering – and it makes everyone in the room a part of their creative family. They leave no one behind. They want everyone to shine. I feel my most intuitive as a director in their presence. The work makes me laugh often and loudly and, thus distracted, is free to quietly tug at my heartstrings – before I know it I’m immeasurably moved. Thank you to Mark, Claire, Loretta and the whole Ensemble team, to our creative team, to box office and bar staff, and to our Stage Manager Erin who will steer the work through its season. Enjoy UNQUALIFIED 2: STILL UNQUALIFIED. My personal belief is that Cath and Gen’s sequel does what the best sequels do – it equals and betters the first.

Janine Watson

On stage 29 Apr – 4 Jun, don’t miss STILL UNQUALIFIED.