Discover a literary masterpiece which delves into the turbulent relationships between a homeless man and two polar opposite brothers. Pinter cranks up the tension, piles on the laughs and teases out the emotional foibles of three lonely men in this compelling absurdist theatrical event.

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In Harold Pinter’s extraordinarily mischievous comedy, Aston asks down-and-out Davies to be a live-in caretaker. Davies leaps at the chance to change his fortunes, but the trouble is he doesn’t know what a caretaker should do, especially in a room filled with junk. When Aston’s manipulative brother Mike shows up, Davies is wrong-footed and outmanoeuvred. Why does Aston collect all this stuff? Will Davies ever get a pair of decent shoes? And who will fix the drip in the ceiling?

In this famous contemporary classic, Harold Pinter cranks up the tension, piles on the laughs and teases out the emotional foibles in three lonely men. Director Iain Sinclair (A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE) teams up once more with Darren Gilshenan (WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?) for this explosive, compelling theatrical event.

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"An acknowledged literary masterpiece" The Sunday Times UK

"A drilling psychological investigation... one of the most vital plays of the 20th century." The Guardian UK

Director's Note

“At the same time that critics were pronouncing the end of theatre as a useful social barometer Harold Pinter opened the stage door unexpectedly and changed everything. The West End had been dominated by Terence Rattigan and Noel Coward’s crisp well engineered upper class preoccupations when suddenly a bunch of disaffected malcontents tramped their grubby nihilist footprints all over the nice imperial carpet. Theatre in London suddenly became dangerous and interesting all over again.

THE CARETAKER is Pinter’s seminal masterpiece built out of sublime paradoxes: it is complex yet simple, chilling but heart-warming, impossible to fathom but as clear as bell. It altered the course of dramatic writing forever and inspired other greats like David Mamet, Sarah Kane and Jez Butterworth to name a few.

This is one of the great plays and it needs a great actor to carry it. Whenever I need a great actor I always ask for one in particular: He hosted Our Town for me at The Opera House and played George here at The Ensemble in WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLF? and this time round he will be playing the impossible tramp Davies in THE CARETAKER. He’s the best I have met and I cannot wait to work again with Darren Gilshenan.” – Director Iain Sinclair

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