Petty politics, inflated egos, and fierce rivalries almost jeopardise one of the greatest discoveries in human advancement; Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion.


With his trademark wit and sharp observations, David Williamson exposes the abrasive personalities of revered scientific giants – even geniuses are not infallible!

Under the orders of pompous King Charles II (Sean O’Shea, THE RASPUTIN AFFAIR), determined young astronomer Edmund Halley (Rowan Davie) must wrangle the secrets of the universe from the brain of capricious and contrary Newton.

It may be 1684, the Dawn of Enlightenment, but Williamson’s comic re-imagining through a contemporary lens puts the focus firmly on the human tale of rivalry and discovery, of personal trials against a corrupt establishment, of self-doubt versus arrogance, and faith versus reason. NEARER THE GODS is a gripping and blackly funny drama about how one of the greatest moments of scientific illumination almost didn’t happen.


“Chalk it up alongside brecht’s life of galileo as one of the greatest in the science-play genre. it’s that good.” The Australian

“[Williamson is] our greatest dramatic entertainer” The Australian Financial Review

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Behind the Scenes Experience

Director at Work

As part of a small group, observe Director Janine Watson at work in the rehearsal room and see NEARER THE GODS come to life.

NEARER THE GODS with Janine Watson
Date: Thu 14 Oct
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm