Bringing together a classic trio of misfits, this surprising and poignant comedy is brimming with heart, humour and song.


Australian premiere

Sister Winnie’s no ordinary nun. She’s feisty, irreverent and has a soft spot for a pint of Guinness. Her front room is a haven for socially awkward Stephen, who shares her passion for folk music. Their world is suddenly shattered – literally – when wayward and rebellious Kayleigh throws a brick through the window, bringing chaos into their lives. Each of them is keeping a secret and as confidences are shared, ever-optimistic Winnie concocts a harebrained scheme to help her friends unleash their creative talent on the world.

From the writer of THE KITCHEN SINK, Tom Wells’ funny and moving play brings together a classic trio of misfits with heart and humour. The unparalleled Genevieve Lemon (WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?) brings wise-cracking Winnie to life in this surprising and poignant tale.

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“Tom Wells’ knack for imbuing his characters with warmth and dignity lights up this play… his writing is remarkable.” The Guardian

“As warm as an embrace from an old friend.” The Times

Director's Note

Tom Wells’ plays are both hilarious and heartbreaking. These are qualities shared with characters created by the inimitable Genevieve Lemon. I think I’ve found a perfect match.

Tom Wells’ lovely plays are often set in his home town, Withernsea in East Yorkshire but his bittersweet work manages to be universal. He reminds me of a young Alan Bennett, with a comic touch that’s both witty and revealing. I’ve just read this great quote: ‘Blake saw the universe in a grain of sand. Wells finds it in a pebble on Withernsea Beach’.

“When you listen to a lot of folk songs, you see that the stories that they tell are full of struggle and resilience, full of characters who feel strong and brave and a bit broken. I wanted to have a go at writing a play that felt a bit like a folk song, fill it with music and see what happened. So I hope people will enjoy it like they might enjoy a good folk song. Fingers crossed anyway.” – Tom Wells

Terence O’Connell – Director