22 Feb 2019

Jason Robert Brown’s masterful and well loved work chapters the relationship of Cathy and Jamie over five years. However, events do not unfold in a linear progression of time: Jamie’s story is told from first kiss to last goodbye, while Cathy’s journey starts with the breakup and ends with that first kiss.

In crafting the narrative in this way, Jason Robert Brown illuminates the many missed moments of connection that change this sweeping love story to one of disconnection, heartbreak and loss.

Under the watchful eye of time, these two characters sail past each other, like ships in the night.

This production would be nothing without the leadership of our musical director, Daryl Wallis. His expert ear and eye have been integral to our work.

I would like to thank my sublime cast, capital creative and production teams for bringing the world and music of the THE LAST FIVE YEARS to life.

Elsie Edgerton-Till, 

At Ensemble Theatre 29 Mar – 27 Apr. Book here.