Director’s Note: Mark Kilmurry, BENEFACTORS

5 Jun 2023

I’m so thrilled to be finally working on BENEFACTORS, Michael Frayn’s extraordinary playful comedy drama from 1984. I first saw this play as a television version and was
intrigued by the blending of social commentary and comedy. Rereading the play all these years later I was struck by its relevance, the subject matter in terms of housing being as much of a concern today as when it was set. The relationships of course are timeless, and the beauty of the play is in the recognition of ourselves. I am very excited to be working with such wonderful actors and creatives who have made, and continue to make, working on this play such a joy. Enjoy.

Mark Kilmurry,
Artistic Director

Playing 16 Jun – 22 Jul, don’t miss this thrilling and chaotic comedy about what it means to be statistically human in a statistically driven world.