Director’s Note: Mark Kilmurry, A DOLL’S HOUSE

6 Jun 2022

I am thrilled Joanna Murray-Smith said yes to adapting a new version of Henrik Ibsen’s A DOLL’S HOUSE bringing all her wit and wisdom to the enduring classic. The beauty and tragedy of Ibsen’s play is that themes remain current even if the world has changed. Nora’s quest to be seen and heard for the first time remains even if we wish and believe there are more choices to be had for women in today’s society – but the fight and struggle for recognition is still sadly making news. Hopefully one day headlines will reflect a better and just gender balance of life and work. Until then, plays like A DOLL’S HOUSE should remain very much in the forefront of society’s consciousness. The journey with Joanna Murray-Smith and these wonderful actors and creatives has been sheer joy and I want to thank them for bringing this journey to life. Enjoy.

– Mark Kilmurry
Artistic Director

Playing 10 Jun – 16 Jul, Joanna Murray-Smith’s adaptation gives a fresh perspective to Ibsen’s classic drama. Don’t miss it.