Director’s Note: Darren Yap, THE ONE

11 Jul 2022

I remember when I was seven, a man told my mum to ‘go back to where you come from’, she replied ‘what Melbourne?’  I was so embarrassed by mum! I only realised years later this was mum’s truth. She was Australian. More than Chinese….and so for me one of the themes THE ONE digs into is the idea of: where do you belong?  I have lived this truth all my life. Still not quite sure where I fit in.

I love Vanessa’s play because some of my hardest conversations with my dad, brother or sister have been in our local Chinese restaurant. Nick Fry (designer) and I have had such a great journey (and yummy Chinese meals) creating Jim’s Oriental Restaurant and Milk Bar. Thank you Nick for the fun and the evocative world to play in.

Along the way, I’ve been so lucky to collaborate with these beautiful theatre makers; Michael Tan, Verity Hampson, Sarah, Lauren, Sophie, Claire, Romy and Paisley. Every step of the way, they have brought their skill and passion to realise THE ONE.

Tonight you will witness the extraordinary talents of Angie, Shan-Ree, Damien, Gabby and Aileen. All of whom have made the rehearsal room a joy to be in. We have shared many stories of being Asian-Australian.  I dedicate THE ONE to my brother’s kids; Noa, Chile, Jaz and Jaga. They are Eurasian. They are Australian. And they belong to the world.

– Darren Yap

Playing 22 Jul – 27 Aug, don’t miss this new comedy exploring the complexities of what it means to be Eurasian in contemporary Australia!