Director’s Note: Anna Ledwich, PHOTOGRAPH 51

24 Aug 2022

The story of Rosalind Franklin, and her pivotal role in unlocking the structure of DNA, has been dissected, debated, politicised and dramatised ever since that momentous discovery in 1953. The exact nature of her contribution has fuelled conflicting versions of events. Was she woman at odds with the scientific patriarchy, or one half of a tragic mismatch, incapable of collaborating? Did she unwittingly sideline her own contribution, or was she a victim of scientific skullduggery? It depends on who you believe. Perhaps the truth lies between all of this things. Perhaps, as one of the characters in the play says: “It’s the tricky thing about time, and memory. Whole worlds of things we wish had happened are as real in our heads as what actually did occur.”

– Anna Ledwich

It’s 1951 and the race is on to unlock the secret to life. On stage 2 Sep – 8 Oct, don’t miss this compelling drama inspired by true events.