Writer’s Note: Lynn Nottage, CLYDE’S

20 Apr 2023

On a nondescript stretch of road, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, travelled by those looking for shortcuts, detours or merely escape, sits a sandwich shop called Clyde’s. It is a strange, liminal space occupied by a motley group of folx down on their luck and looking for a second chance at life. Frequented by truckers and the occasional local, Clyde’s like many small businesses in post-industrial America is trying hard to carve out space in a rapidly evolving landscape. But what Clyde’s has going for it is a group of diverse, driven, and endearing characters, who despite having made some serious mistakes in their lives are still determined to find beauty, meaning, and humor in the simple business of living. At its heart, it is a dramedy about creativity, resilience, mindfulness, community, and the healing power of delicious food.  The marvellous thing about a sandwich is the delightful ways ordinary foods can be combined to create extraordinary culinary outcomes. Two pieces of bread, a sliced tomato, a protein, a bed of lettuce, and a condiment… these ingredients on their own aren’t so special, but when combined with intention, love, and craft, they become more than the sum of their parts. Savory and sweet, dissonant and harmonious.

– Lynn Nottage

Playing 5 May – 10 Jun, get ready for the Australian Premiere of this delicious Broadway comedy!