To celebrate his extraordinary career spanning 50 years as the country’s most important and enduring playwright, Ensemble Theatre hosted a special evening for David Williamson AO, one of Australia’s National Living Treasures.

Proceeds from ticket sales went towards championing the next generation of Australian playwrights.


Ensemble Theatre hosted an evening of treasured memories with guest appearances and a selection of performances from many well-known actors and artists, including Georgie Parker, Kate Raison, Sam O’Sullivan and many others who have worked with David Williamson throughout his remarkable career. We also heard from Australian film legends Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver and Bruce Beresford reminiscing about their collaborations with the iconic playwright via exclusive video messages.

The evening was glittered with highlights from David’s illustrious 50 year career featuring scenes from some of his much-loved plays and films such as THE REMOVALISTS, DON’S PARTY, and GALLIPOLI, to name just a few.

This tribute event paid homage to a legendary writer who enjoys a strong and enduring 25 year relationship with Ensemble Theatre. We’ve presented 20 World Premieres of David’s productions, including his final play CRUNCH TIME opening in February 2020.

The special event helped to raise funds to support Ensemble Theatre put the next generation of Australian playwrights on stage.


David Williamson is passionate about paving the way for future Australian playwrights: “I’ve had 50 years of the wonderful privilege of seeing my plays connect with audiences. I think I’ve done my stint, there are plenty of younger writers who can take-off and set the world alight.”

It’s only fitting that proceeds from this special event went towards Ensemble Theatre’s Literary Fund to develop the skills of the next generation of playwrights. We already nurture up-and-coming directing talent with our Sandra Bates Director’s Award and would love to extend this opportunity to budding writers.


Evening's Program

Download a copy of the Evening’s Program, celebrating 50 Years with David Williamson AO.