Ensemble Stages Autumn Play Reading 2016


People Will Think You Don’t Love me

A new play Joanna Erskine

Flex your creative muscles. Lend us your analytical ears.
Help take a piece of theatre to the next level.

It’s time for our Ensemble Stages Autumn Play Reading!

Be part of the very first audience to hear a new Australian script in its early development, read by a stellar bunch of actors. Afterwards, contribute to a discussion with the writer, actors, director and other creative minds about your response to the piece: what you liked, what questions you have, and what improvements might be made.

We are very excited to present this reading.

Michael has the heart of a dead man pumping in his chest.

His wife Liz is hoping this life-changing transplant will return Michael to his former self and restore their marital bliss.

When Liz makes contact with the donor’s girlfriend, Tommy, Michael’s identity becomes unstable. Is he still Michael or is he someone else entirely?

Will his new heart foster a change of heart?

TOMMY: … you know what’s weird?


TOMMY: Now that you’re here, it feels like he’s here too.


TOMMY: Because I guess he is.

Joanna Erskine is a graduate of the NIDA Playwright’s Studio; winner of the Sydney Theatre Company Young Playwrights Award, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Philip Parsons Award (Belvoir) for K.I.J.E. (TRS, Old Fitzroy Theatre).