26 Oct 2018

Before you see THE NORMAN CONQUESTS, take a look at this quick guide for all the info you need to know about this award-winning trilogy.


THE NORMAN CONQUESTS is a trilogy of plays that follow the same story set over one weekend in an English country house. Each self-contained play tells the story from a different room in the house – the living room in LIVING TOGETHER, the garden in ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN and the dining table in TABLE MANNERS.

Who wrote it?

Written in 1973 by the prolific playwright Alan Ayckbourn, THE NORMAN CONQUESTS is one (or three) of his most produced plays. He is one of Britain’s most popular playwrights with an unmistakable sense of witty comedy that is instantly identified. Read about Alan Ayckbourn and THE NORMAN CONQUESTS here.

What are the shows about?

THE NORMAN CONQUESTS follows one very dysfunctional family in a pursuit to get along and make it through the weekend intact in an English country house. An uncovered rendezvous, lies and family tension fuel the unravelling of this deteriorating family as Norman attempts to make everyone happy in his own Norman-y way (whilst making himself happy of course). Read the synopsis here.

Why are people laughing at a waste paper basket. What’s so funny?!

This is where the genius of Alan Ayckbourn’s writing truly comes into play. The story of this dreadful weekend is told and re-told with increasing nuance and humour as the pieces of the puzzle cleverly come together with conversations and antics reported on in one play appearing on stage in another! See them all and you’ll find out what happened in the garden with Norman’s pyjamas, why Norman was singing the song in the living room and just why Sarah is smiling so damn much!

Meet the family

  • Norman – assistant librarian and self-confessed master of seduction
  • Annie – frustrated with life, tired and sister of Reg and Ruth
  • Reg – well-meaning, perpetually hungry and enjoys making board games
  • Sarah – the uptight and controlling wife of Reg
  • Ruth – no-nonsense, workaholic  and married to Norman
  • Tom – the well-meaning but utterly hopeless vet

Are there still tickets available?

Yes! Tickets are selling fast, but there are still great seats to all shows! Check out the best available on each individual show page, TABLE MANNERS, LIVING TOGETHER or ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN.

For more info on the show, click here. At Ensemble Theatre 19 Oct – 12 Jan.