Director’s Note: Mark Kilmurry, CRUNCH TIME

12 Feb 2020

What a privilege and pleasure it is to direct David Williamson’s last ever play. His work always has a finger on the pulse of contemporary issues and CRUNCH TIME sits right at the heart of the ongoing debate about the right to die with dignity. But the main theme stems from within the family nucleus so CRUNCH TIME is also about parents and children, husbands and wives, betrayal and ultimately love. It also happens to be very funny. If there is a message in David’s amazing 50 year career in writing plays, it is this: be tolerant. Accept people with all their flaws, foibles and idiosyncrasies. Find a way to work together, and then you can move forward. I couldn’t think of a better message at this time in the world. Enjoy CRUNCH TIME and this wonderful cast working with an incredible writer. Thank you David, it has been an honour.

Mark Kilmurry,
Artistic Director

CRUNCH TIME is playing from 14 Feb – 9 Apr, book here.