Here are our handy tips on how to be, or not to be, a perfect audience member:

E – Ensure you arrive in plenty of time. We recommend at least 90 minutes beforehand if you’re enjoying a pre-show meal in Bayly’s Bistro.

N – No dress code, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

S – Stay out of the spotlight, please don’t handle the props on stage.

E – Eating is not permitted in the auditorium, but if you treat yourself to a drink at Jim’s Bar this can be decanted into a paper cup to take into the show.

M – Mobile phones must be switched off and no photos please. Live in the moment and take your snap of our harbour view in the bar afterwards!

B – Be quiet, please don’t chat or whisper during the performance. We can all hear you!

L – Latecomers will be seated at an appropriate break in the performance – sometimes not until the interval. Our advice: arrive early.

E – Enjoy the show and please share your feedback, we love to hear what you think. (P.S. Don’t spoil the ending.)


What time should I arrive at the theatre?

We recommend arriving 30 minutes before the show starts to allow ample time to find a parking space and collect your ticket from Box Office.

Bayly’s Bistro is the perfect destination for a pre-show meal. Allow at least 90 minutes to comfortably enjoy your dining experience.

Jim’s Bar is always open an hour before curtain goes up, offering a quality wine selection and scrumptious snacks such as arancini, fries and polenta chips.

If time runs away from you our Front of House staff will endeavor to seat you at a suitable break in the performance. Occasionally this may not be until the interval. Our advice: arrive early.

How do I get to the theatre?

Ensemble Theatre can be very conveniently reached by train, ferry, bus and there’s even some free (but time-limited) street parking available… please see our VISIT section for more information.

Is there cloaking available?

It’s a small theatre so cloaking space is very limited, but if you have an oversized coat, bag or umbrella our Front of House staff will be happy to assist storing these for you during the performance.

Can I eat or drink in the auditorium?

Food and glassware are not permitted in the theatre. Plastic water bottles can be taken in to the theatre and other drinks can be decanted into a paper cup. If you wish to eat and drink before the performance please take advantage of the many options Bayly’s Bistro and the Foyer Bar have to offer.

Please avoid unwrapping your sweets during the show and save your snacks for the interval.

Can I take photos during the performance?

Taking photos, video and audio recordings in the auditorium during a performance is strictly prohibited. Please save your snaps for the harbour view in the bar. We love seeing your pics on social media, so don’t forget to tag us @ensembletheatre or #ensemblesydney.

Can I use my phone in the theatre?

Once you take your seat, please remember to turn off your mobile phone and any other electronic devices. You may be tempted to put your phone on silent but it won’t mute your alarm.

Please also try to avoid a cheeky glance at your messages, the glow from the screen can put the spotlight on you.

Is there an age recommendation or content warning?

The event pages on our website are regularly updated with run times, content warnings and age appropriateness. Please contact our Box Office if you have any other questions.

Can I smoke?

No, please stub it out. Smoking is banned inside the theatre and we enforce a no-smoking zone within 4 metres of the entrance to the building.

How can I track down lost property?

For lost property enquiries, please call our Box Office on 02 8918 3400.

Our staff is here to help

Did you know that many of our staff members are volunteers or that Australian stage and screen actor, Georgie Parker started her theatre career as a 14 year old usher at Ensemble? Please be courteous to our staff – they might be the next big thing, or your next door neighbour!

Can I handle the props?

Unless you have completed several years of acting school, learned all your lines, attended three to four weeks of rehearsals, researched your character and put on your costume, we kindly ask that you stay off the stage and don’t handle the props.

We love our neighbours

Please leave quietly at night and don’t park in our neighbours’ driveways. We love being part of the local community and we want our neighbours to enjoy having us around.