Help Us Improve Our Theatre Lighting

This is a truly redefining moment that will allow us to move out of the dark days of COVID into the bright lights of the future.

“The feeling of moving into that lit space is one of the first physical memories I have about being on stage.”
Georgie Parker



Thank you for your support of the Ensemble Theatre over the last two years. We are here because of you and we are always very thankful.

Having negotiated a path to reopening, we are now moving to improving our stage with upgraded contemporary lighting. As you may know systems change over the years and we want to make sure we are environmentally up to date with less emissions; increase the safety for cast and crew; and increase artistry for our wonderful plays.

A new lighting system is crucial for presenting the best-looking productions for your enjoyment, and an actor well-lit is better than one in the shadows!

We were very fortunate to be awarded a grant from Create NSW to improve our lighting. Every dollar raised will be matched by the NSW Government up to $235,910.

Lighting is an important part of theatre, an element you don’t notice perhaps until it has gone or broken down.

With your generosity we hope to achieve our funding goal. Thank you for your support.

Mark Kilmurry
Artistic Director




“One of the most enthralling moments that fills you with adrenaline as an actor, is when the house lights go down, the audience moves into a hushed state, and the set lights slowly create the first moments on stage.”

Georgie Parker
Actor and Ensemble Ambassador

“For me, as an actor, one of the most exciting and magical moments is when you see the set under lights for the first time. Great lighting is an essential part of the theatrical experience for both performers and audiences. Let there be Light!”

Kate Raison
Actor and Ensemble Ambassador

“Can there be a more important technical aspect than lighting in the theatre?”

Brian Meegan
Actor and Ensemble Ambassador

Lighting has the power to transport us to the world of the play. If used artfully it can take us to a variety of places without ever actually changing the stage. It directs the eye to what we want you to see and hides what we want hidden.

Romy McKanna
Production Manager, Ensemble Theatre