Assistant Director’s Diary: Erin Taylor, FOLK

3 May 2019

While travelling home on the train the other day with actor Gerard Carroll, a fellow passenger asked us if we were taking the 10 or so days off over Easter and ANZAC day. We explained to him that we couldn’t, that we were in rehearsals for a play and that 10 days would be almost […]


19 Oct 2018

While I’m sitting in my backyard enjoying a Monday off, the crew are at the theatre “bumping in” in preparation for our first paying audience on Friday night. Last week we actioned Mark’s plan to run two plays per day before finishing the week with a “company run” of each show. By the end of […]

Actor’s Diary: Sam O’Sullivan, THE NORMAN CONQUESTS

4 Oct 2018

Actors get asked a lot about how they manage to remember all their lines. And going into rehearsals for three plays the sheer volume of text does cause a feeling of concern initially. As the process goes on, however, you would be surprised at how much your brain can actually hold. In a way, thinking […]


27 Sep 2018

The devil is in the details.  I don’t know if I’ve ever used those words in earnest before but this week has given me a new appreciation of what that phrase might mean. As we cycle back through the plays, still running them quite slowly in order to detail and discuss them, we’re all finding […]

Actor’s Diary: Sam O’Sullivan, THE NORMAN CONQUESTS

20 Sep 2018

Late last week we had some observers in the rehearsal room as part of Ensemble Theatre’s Director at Work program. They watched as we started to put ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN on its feet and although we were constantly stopping and starting, trying things out and pausing for discussion, effectively, this was our first […]

Actor’s Diary: Sam O’Sullivan, THE NORMAN CONQUESTS

13 Sep 2018

Take a peek into THE NORMAN CONQUESTS rehearsal room through the eyes of actor Sam O’Sullivan. Alan Ayckbourn wrote THE NORMAN CONQUESTS in 1973. The three interconnected plays take place over a single weekend in a family’s country home. Each of the plays – TABLE MANNERS, LIVING TOGETHER and ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN are […]

TAKING STEPS BLOG – Interview with the director

22 Nov 2017

10 Questions with Mark Kilmurry, director of TAKING STEPS  1. What do you love about the plays of Alan Ayckbourn? I like the fact they are wonderfully constructed with great characters. The way Ayckbourn uses comedy to explore wider issues. For a long time his plays were regarded as west end middle class comedies, which of […]


20 Nov 2017

After reading through the play again, we tucked into some table-work. We began to break the script down into units, small sections of dialogue or stage-direction which change units when something shifts in the scene –  a new person enters/exits, or a new action or intention begins. There were 200 units in Act 1!! So, […]


2 Nov 2017

Day one excitement! The first read of Alan Ayckbourne’s TAKING STEPS elicited a significant amount of laughter – a sign of fun rehearsal room times to come! The actors already have an essence of their characters and a strong grasp on the English accents. After the read, Anna Gardiner presented the highly anticipated design… Ayckbourne […]