Prepare for scares in a gripping ghost story perfect for Ensemble’s intimate stage. This spine-chiller, one of the longest running plays in West End history, will have you watching through your fingers and gasping at every eerie twist and turn.

Due to the current circumstances, we’ve decided to postpone THE WOMAN IN BLACK. Ticket holders will be contacted directly. Please click here for more information.


This season, one of the most thrilling and long-running plays in West End history makes its way to the close quarters of Ensemble’s intimate stage.

Mr Kipps (Jamie Oxenbould, BAREFOOT IN THE PARK) is troubled by disturbing memories of his journey to fog bound Eel Marsh, where Mrs Drablow’s lonely house stands in isolation. Trapped by the fog, he witnessed mysterious events he would rather forget, but cannot. In desperation, he enlists the help of an actor (Garth Holcombe, TRIBES) to tell his tale and exorcise the demons that haunt his dreams. As the two men become immersed in Kipps’ story, eerie events materialise from the mists of the past and begin to haunt the present.

Susan Hill’s classic ghost story, adapted for the stage by Stephen Mallatratt, will have you watching through your fingers, laughing out loud, and gasping at the spooky twists in an unforgettable theatrical experience.

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"One of British Theatre's biggest - and scariest - hits." The Guardian UK

"One of the most brilliantly effective spine-chillers you will ever encounter... I have never witnessed an audience jump and gasp in such genuine shock" The Telegraph UK

Director's Note

“When I saw the original production of THE WOMAN IN BLACK I remember jumping out of my skin at a certain point in the play in a twist I really didn’t see coming! But apart from the jumps and scares this is a beautifully written thriller, clever, smart and fabulously entertaining. With actors as talented as Jamie Oxenbould and Garth Holcombe, I can’t wait to share those seat gripping moments!” – Director Mark Kilmurry

Watch the Trailer

Behind the Scenes Experience

Director at Work – postponed

As part of a small group, observe Director Mark Kilmurry at work in the rehearsal room and see THE WOMAN IN BLACK come to life.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK with Mark Kilmurry
Date: Thu 23 Jul
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm